One of the most frustrating things when scaling an e-commerce brand is running into merchant processing road blocks. Whether it’s high or low risk payment processing we want to share our solutions. Eliminate large reserves and spontaneous account holds or terminations by allowing Branded Book to assist with your needs. Simple setup, lowered risks and fees are what makes us different.  Where you get declined on your own get approved with us!



When thinking about online promotions, the first thing that comes to mind is a sweepstakes, giveaway or contest. Branded Book has combined its leading relationship across many platforms and have created giveaways that give a positive net ROI on every promotion we put together.

Custom Promotions

We work with brands directly, as well as offering our services to agencies across North America and as well as other parts of the world that are looking for niche marketing solutions. We can build to order your customized promotion to match your branding top to bottom. We offer many varieties and endless range of magnitude. 

Contest Gateway

Contests are true way of building brand exposure and gaining precious eyeballs in today’s attention-scarce world. Especially when some of our gateways range through Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian West, Lord Scott Disick, Ignite Models and all across your local outlets like grocery stores, car washes and more. With a proper strategy developed for your contest or sweepstakes you can ensure that it will run according to plan.

Giveaway Management

Running a successful sweepstakes or contest can require a lot of administration behind the scenes. Branded Book worked with brands of all sizes and we have the expertise to ensure that there won’t be any unpleasant surprises. With our professional prize winning manufacturing and fulfillment services, your business has one less thing to worry about. No need to worry about arranging for pickup of the prize(s), coordinating the delivery of a vehicle or booking a trip for your winners.

Be Different

Make your venture stand out by allowing Branded Book to organize one of the most efficient giveaways on the internet!

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