About Branded Book

Branded Book is a one-stop-shop marketing agency with all the niche marketing solutions you need to get the word out about your business. Our well-rounded team of experts has multiple decades of experience and close personal friendships with industry leaders that we want to use to promote your brand.
Our proven game plan helps us develop personalized strategies customized to fit perfectly with your company’s personality and goals. With one of the top ROIs in the marketing game, our proprietary, proven formula is designed to get you in front of the right eyeballs that generate clicks, sales, and profits.

Marketing & Branding

We offer an all-inclusive array of premium advertising solutions that will engage and convert new clients and inspire your existing customers to trust your brand even more. Our areas of expertise are health & beauty, wellness and fitness brands, but we cater to a wide range of clients in a variety of industries.
Our experienced publishers & wizards know all the latest tricks to bring targeted traffic to your website and then convert those views into dollars. We can connect you with the hottest celebrities and influencers to recruit affiliates for your business and showcase your products and services. We also offer web design services, customized logos, colorful newsletters and email campaigns, viral giveaways guaranteed to bring you a positive net ROI, and much more.
Branded Book’s specialized team of dedicated brand developers has access to an active network of more than 150,000 publishers around the world. And we’re ready to put them to work for you!


It’s our job to make sure your brand’s social media posts presence showcases your products and services in a way that resonates with your target audience. We match up experts from our multi-talented social media team with projects from the areas they’re passionate about.
All the content we post on your behalf is 100% unique and focused on the customer profile you’re looking for. We have programs to help you boost your follower count, design targeted hashtags, and keep you connected to your clients with bi-weekly or daily posts.

On-Demand Production

Besides our meticulously-crafted marketing blitzes for existing companies, Branded Book also has everything you need to start your own on-demand health and beauty brand from scratch. Our strong relationships with the top leaders and go-getters in the on-demand fulfillment industry give us a headstart in integrating you into the gritty process of R&D, contract manufacturing, certifications, custom packaging, and distribution.
Our fulfillment savants have the expertise to take care of the logistics, quality control, and everything else you need to get your great idea from concept to conclusion. And best of all, we won’t ask you for a dime until your products start to sell.

Our goal is to make your work life easier generating more profits!

At Branded Book, we treat our clients like partners. Bring us your products and we’ll take care of all the tedious marketing and behind-the-scenes logistics that will make them a hit.

Let’s discuss how our tools can turn your product into a BRAND!

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